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4 steps to a cutting edge client acquisition capability.

xpert Positioning Formula

I picked up 2 clients in the last 90 days that are both $80,000 a year, multi-year, so probably $250,000 in fees. It’s a huge ROI.





In the first five weeks I had 3 new clients and  €18,000 in revenue - and next week I'm expecting another €10,000 in revenue.

I'm very happy!

I have a marketing background, I started my own company 25 years ago - and I've never encountered somebody as capable, and with such expertise as you have!


Most of our clients are brilliant at what they do. They just need a structure that allows them to take a step back and look at where they add the most value, get the most joy and earn the most profit. 

Our Expert Positioning Formula helps you hone in on your True Niche and communicate what you do with clarity and focus.

Without a proven marketing system, its easy to get stuck on a hamster-wheel of networking, cold-calling and content development that leaves you so exhausted that you barely have enough energy to serve your existing clients.

Our automated Digital Handshake System helps you to build a high-value online network and take high-ticket buyers systematically from Cold Prospect, to Warm Lead in just 15 minutes per day.

igital Handshake System

enuine Conversation Playbook

Many specialists and expert advisors waste hours every week blandly messaging prospects, putting out content and trying to add value on social media, with zero return on their efforts.

Our Genuine Conversation Playbook guides you through our structured method for making a real human connection and building the relationship the right way, so you can find serious action-taking buyers and seamlessly bridge into a sales conversation.

mpowered Enrolment Structure

It's not enough to be able to generate leads, you also need to be able to structure a conversation thats helps your prospects to confront their problems and hold them accountable to their goals.

Our Empowered Enrolment Structure gives you the framework you need to keep your sales conversations on-track and ethically guide your prospect to an empowered decision using professional consultative selling.

Take Your Business To The Next Level.

Reach High Calibre Decision-Makers.

Land clients from business owners to C-Suite Execs and startup founders.

Get off the marketing hamster wheel by putting your marketing activity on autopilot.

Master cold client acquisition and take control of your new business pipeline.

Spend Your Time On What Matters.

Take The Focus Off Referrals.

The record for landing a new client using our system is 10 days, let's see if you can beat it!

Get Results, Rapidly.

Build Your Audience.

 Get in front of 100s of qualified buyers every month and make a real impact in the market.

We Help Client Businesses Grow.

The Convert ClientsTM Framework

Growing A Client Business Can Be Costly, Difficult And Unpredictable

99% of business owners think they need to spend massive amounts of money on Paid Advertising to acquire clients.

Or spend 
countless hours doing "content marketing", building out complex sales funnels, or "pounding the pavement", making cold calls and writing cold emails.

You won't find our community doing this.

Our clients use our proven Digital Handshake System to master the process of client acquisition.

They are laser-focused on achieving MORE with LESS.

At we equip clients with the blueprints, tools, and resources they need to rapidly grow a wildly successful client business, without rapidly draining their time, energy, and bank account.

Install a $20k-$100k/month online Client Acquisition System in your business in 30 days

Giving Back Through Entrepreneurship

We believe in the power of business for good which is why we support local entrepreneurs in developing countries through our partnership with Buy1Give1.

So as we help our clients grow and make a difference in their community, we also make a difference in underprivileged communities around the world.